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Safe for ourselves, our pets and our world around us.

NZYME cleaning products are 100% biodegradable – non-caustic soap free – PH neutral – totally eco friendly.

Many cleaning products contain harsh toxic chemicals that may rid our homes and businesses of stains and odours but are often harmful to ourselves and the environment. These products come with warnings against inhaling vapours and contact with bare skin. Let us also not forget the list of ingredients that belong in a science laboratory.

One alternative is NZYME based cleaning technology.

We have all heard of enzymes but in reality many of us have little understanding of how they work and the important part they play every day, in every part of our world.

All living matter contains enzymes, which are proteins that perform different functions. Proteases work on protein-based stains, amylases break down carbohydrates and starches and lipotases nullify fats. They are the catalyst that speeds up the reactions that are needed to digest our food, which is then turned into energy that our body requires. So it is with our NZYME cleaning products.

We are able to bring into your home or work place cleaners that are targeted for specific jobs that are SAFE and totally environmentally friendly. These NZYME cleaners not only rid your surface areas of stains, odours and biofilm (thin layer containing a community of bacteria and other microorganisms) they also help the natural bacteria that are essential in daily life.

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NZYME cleaning products work effectively on carpets, upholstery, natural stone, ceramic tiles, glass, stainless steel, clothing, children’s toys, toilets, septic tanks and eliminating pet urine.

Our products solve many issues commercially when dealing with grease traps and any sensitive areas where chemicals have been used without complete satisfaction.

NZYME cleaning products are PH neutral, there are no caustics, phosphates or soaps. All these attributes help keep the user and our planet safe from adverse effects of regular cleaning products.
As with all products it is the end result and cost. NZYME cleaning products are cost effective and without a doubt they work unbelievably well!

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