All Purpose Spray and Wipe


Organic Multi Enzyme Formula

  • Organic formula specifically blended for removal of all Biofilm
  • Concentrated formula – specifically blended for mould and mildew remediation.
  • Contains a proprietary multi-nzyme formula designed to break down mold spores and fungus.
  • Eliminates odours by destroying the organic matter. It does not just mask odours!

Soap Free – Streak Free
For use on- Glass, Stainless Steel, Tiles, Bench tops, Shower Screens, Toilets, Urinals, Walls, Porcelain

  • pH Neutral Formula
  • Unique Enzyme formula to remove Mold and Mildew
  • Contains no caustic ingredients – Wont damage surface of tile or grout in bathrooms
  • General wiping down of tiles is only required.
  • Product does not contain soap and will not streak on any surface
  • Soap Free – Septic Safe – No Palm Oil
  • Non- Toxic – No Ammonia and No Chlorine

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