Carpet Shampoo


  • pH Neutral Formula
  • Unique Multi – Enzyme formula to clean all carpets or fabric
  • Contains no caustic ingredients – Wont damage fiber of the carpet or fabric
  • Can be used for General spotting of carpet as well as in carpet cleaning machines
  • Product does not contain soap, therefore will not attract dirt and grime from shoes.
  • Can be disposed of down drains, enzyme will carry on breaking down organic matter in bathroom sinks.


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    How to Use:

    1. Product comes ready to use in 1L Bottle, 5L, 10L and 20L cube
    2. For Surface scuff marks on the carpet wet the cloth with the enzyme and then rub down the carpet.
    3. For carpet spills spray the stain, then rub the stain with a cloth
    4. Always use a new cloth when cleaning a carpet stain as dirt from the cloth will make the spot or stain worse
    5. For better and quicker results use a micro fiber cloth as this tends to pick up the in-organic matter better than a standard cloth.
    6. Can also be used in carpet shampoo machines and carpet steamers. Just mix at a ratio of 10:1 into the carpet shampoo chamber.
    7. For best results before using any machinery, it is best to wet down the carpet stains first and then go over it with the carpet shampoo machine

    Important Information:
    Before using product on carpet always test for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area of the room, as some dyes used are organic.

    Can also be used to remove stains from all fabrics, like curtains, sofas etc.

    Do not mix the Carpet Spotter spray with any bleach or oxidisers as this will de-activate the enzymes.

    The enzymes are designed to remove all organic stains off the carpet. It is important to take note if the stain is organic or inorganic. Types of inorganic stains are tar, mud, soil, grease etc.

    When treating a stain that has already been treated with a chemical based product, one might have to use the carpet spotter more than once as the nature of the stain has changed. What we mean by this is that if for example it was a food stain that was treated with a caustic product, the enzyme has to work it’s way through the chemical that is part of the stain now.