European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates (CESIO)

CESIO was set up, in 1974, to address issues affecting the European industry of organic surfactants and their intermediates. CESIO aims to develop new scientific knowledge in human health and environment to optimise the safe use of surfactants and to secure Industry’s contribution to the beneficial development of society at large.

In 1991, CESIO initiated ERASM (Environment & Health Risk Assessment and Management) in response to ongoing risk assessment activities in Europe and subsequently, CESIO companies played an active role in the development of HERA (Human & Environmental Risk Assessment on ingredients of household cleaning products).

European manufacturing

More than 50 surfactants manufacturers, of which 70 % are represented by CESIO.
Wide range of end-use such as detergents, personal care, industrial and institutional washing and cleaning as well as numerous technical applications such as textile auxiliaries, leather chemicals, agrochemicals, metal and mining industry, plastic industry, lubricants.

Nzyme Surfactant Supplier is part of CESIO in Europe

With this information one can feel comfortable of the quality and biodegradability and safety of the Surfactants used by Nzyme.