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St Thomas’s School

NZYME NZ Ltd products have far exceeded our expectations. Being a school it was very important to be using a product that was going to be able to clean to a high standard and not be harmful in any way to our students, parents or staff but still achieving the goal it is set out to do, being totally organic this product has been perfect in every way. We use various products that NZYME NZ Ltd produce and every one of them have been very effective along with leaving the area with a fresh and clean smell.

Glen Rothery
Property Manager

113 Allum St., Kohimarama
Auckland 1071
(09) 528 3938

Chocolate Graphics

Chocolate Graphics has built a reputation for producing quality products for some of the biggest companies in New Zealand and as such we require our facility to be first class for cleanliness and hygiene.

We changed to the NZYME range knowing that every product we use does a brilliant job, is 100% bio-degradable and safe for our team.

I would strongly recommend to everyone to use these products.



The Boat Supply Company

To Darius and the team at Nzyme

I just want to take the time to give you some feedback and to thank you for the progressive change Nzyme is contributing to in the Marine environment. It is ensuring my clients and industry surrounding them guilt free cleaning, using plant based enzymes which perform like no other on special surfaces and tough applications they encounter.

Over the past year, we have seen a rise in natural more eco-friendly cleaners, however choosing a product which performs and sanitises surfaces without exposure to harsh chemicals and demonstrates an ethical environment policy. Nzyme has become a fantastic choice to offer the marine industry and its associations for the future of our oceans and coastal habitats. The industry as a whole has been hard to turn around from the cleverly marketed “ECO Cleaners” which usually are causing more damage than good but have big backing from large holding companies which only care about money and cheaper resources.

Although a small company they are making a huge difference to our industry and we are proud to offer such a fantastic alternative to the industry and environment we love!
Thank you for the opportunity to offer your products

Callum J Cattle